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"Swordfish goes down real treat"

Evening Echo 13th July 2001 By Elaine Duggan

SPEAR-HEADING the tastiest dish at the Old English Market Food Festival was a 60-kilo swordfish. 

The exotic catch was turned into a spectacular swordfish with country ham and cannellini beans dish by chefs from Clancy’s restaurant.  The swordfish feast was only one of many dishes whipped up by Cork’s top chefs during the two day festival.

More than 10,000 plates of delicious fish, meat and vegetable meals were dished up over the two day festival which turned out to be a great success.  Head chef at Clancy’s Frank O’Connor, said the restaurant offers its customers a lot of specialities, allowing cork people to get a taste of food they have never sampled before.  Cork people seem to be adapting well to the wider choice on offer and Mr. O’Connor said their interst in exotic foods is seen in the increase of orders for exotic fish at his own restaurant.  “Exotic fish has come on in leaps and bounds over the past 12 months.  Fresh fish has become more popular in cork and the foot-and-mouth crises has helped double, if not triple the sales of fish,” he said.

The swordfish was supplied by Kay O’Connell fishmongers.  Owner of the stall Pat O’Connell said they are also witnessing increased interest in other more exotic fish. 

“This fish is one of the smaller ones – we often get fish up to 200 or even 250 kilos.  There has been a huge demand of late.  Barbeques have become more and more popular and this fish is ideal for this” he said.  “The season only started two weeks ago and already we have sold 45 swordfish over the counter to members of the members of the public “Mr. O’Connell added. 

Swordfish Recepie