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Expansion of the English Market

Following it’s opening in August 1788 the original market gradually took shape over the following years, under the supervision of a special corporation committee. The committee decided to create additional fish, fowl and vegetable markets adjoining the original core meat market.

In 1789 the city’s central fish market was relocated to a new site adjoining the Grand Parade Meat market.  The “New Fish Market” was located to the north of the Grand Parade Market, between Mutton Lane and Meat Market Lane. This market was accessed initially from St Patrick’s Street. Soon after, access was provided from the new adjoining Root Market off Princes Street.

A “Fowl Market” for the sale of poultry was commenced. A “Root Market” for vegetables was also developed, effectively extended the trading area of the market towards Princes Street. In the early 1790’s a narrow passage from Princes Street was created into these market areas. The conditions in this area were generally poor. The area was unroofed, and the trading stands and stalls were very much of an ad-hoc nature and of a much poorer standard to the formalised stalls of the adjoining meat and fish markets. These inferior conditions persisted until 1862.  

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