Procedures:   Stall Use/ Refurbishment Works/ Alterations

Requirements for Consent:

  • The lease requires the prior consent in writing of Cork City Council for any alterations, improvements, etc to a stall.
  • The lease also requires that the lessee cannot make any change in or addition to the use authorised in the lease, unless with the prior consent in writing of Cork City Council.

Application must be made in writing to the Senior Executive Officer, Corporate Affairs, City Hall , Cork and copied to the Market Manager, Irish Estates. A minimum of 6 weeks notice should be given. 

Details Required in applying for CONSENT to works:

  1. Dated letter of application
  2. Floor layout plan
  3. Cross Section showing all dimensions
  4. Description of all materials
  5. Elevation drawings, with particular attention to be paid to front elevation.
  6. Conceptual drawings indicating location, size, materials, graphics, and letter style, sign details etc.
  7. Details to be supplied regarding floor, wall, ceiling and lighting finishes.

Details Required in applying for CONSENT to CHANGE OF USE:

Where the proposal relates to a change of use, or addition to use, a separate consent to same must be obtained from Cork City Council. Application for change/addition to use should be made in writing, setting out the existing use and detailing the proposed change/addition to use providing detailed information on the proposed goods.   

General Policy Issues

  • The theme of the Market is to be maintained - refurbishments of stalls should be in keeping with the Market’s character, as a traditional municipal food market, and Cork City Council does not propose to allow any further conventional retail shop styles, or self-service units.
  • The aim is to preserve the traditional “open stall” design as an essential part of the character of the Market  and not to dilute it’s character by allowing self service / walk-in type units. 
  • The unit should have an open character to the Mall – i.e. the portion of units facing onto the aisles is to be maintained as an open front-serving stall design, and no part of the unit facing onto an aisle is allowed to be enclosed.
  • Signage should be of good quality, undertaken by professional contractors.
  • The English Market is listed on the Record of Protected Structures PS302.

In considering any application for consent, the City Council reserves the right to seek such clarification or additional information as it deems necessary to properly consider the application.

Any physical alterations or change of use to be undertaken must be in accordance with the proposals, plans, elevations, sections, and specifications which were submitted and approved by Cork City Council, with or without amendment.