Filming in the English Market

The consent of Cork City Council and Aramark Management is required for any filming in the English Market.

For general queries on filming please email:

To apply for permission please complete the Filming Request Form‌ for same.

The permission of the managing agents (Aramark), the landlord (Cork City Council) and the landlord’s insurers is required, therefore a minimum notice period of at least 14 days applies.  Late applications may be refused or a late application fee may be charged of €200. Consent may be granted or refused by the Council.

Fees:  A location fee of €250 may apply – this will depend on the nature of the filming.  A waiver of fees may be granted if the filming is non-commercial and/or is promoting food and/or the English Market as a food venue or is by a charity etc, the ultimate decision on same rests with the City Council.

Insurance: Every applicant will be required to provide proof of Public and Employers Liability Insurance (copy to be provided:

Public Liability of €6.5 millionEmployers Liability of €13 million.

A copy of your Public and Employers Liability Insurances must be submitted with your application form, with a specific indemnity to Cork City Council for the filming date and location.  Please note that this indemnity is required to be provided and applications will not be accepted without same. 

Please note the following must be included in your insurance documentation:

  • reference to any specific exclusions/restrictions/warranties. 
  • the business description of the company (which should be wide enough to cover the work being undertaken).
  • renewal date (and if the work being undertaken continues beyond the renewal date, further confirmation of renewal should be sought at that time, together with a note of any amendments to cover).
  • a specific indemnity to Cork City Council.

Please ensure that each section of this application form is fully completed and signed, and that you submit copy of your insurances with the application form.  Failure to do so will result in your application being refused and returned.

Applications should be returned by email to:

Orla Lannin, Aramark Property: email:

Please c.c. to Denis Hickey, Cork City Council: