New Traders

As units are leased by Cork City Council to traders, vacancies will only arise in the event that a trader wishes to assign their leasehold interest in their unit, or if Cork City Council acquires back a unit from a trader. 

Where a present trader proposes to assign their unit to a new trader, the consent of Cork City Council is required both for the assignment, and for the proposed new trade. 

Cork City Council will seek to ensure insofar as is practicable that the form of retailing continues to support the Market’s core principles of traditional open-stall trading of natural, high quality food products. Accordingly, in applying these principles there will be a bias against high street or supermarket-type retailing, and a bias against the sale of pre-packaged foods or foods that have been significantly processed.

If you wish for your information to be retained on file should any trader have an interest in selling their unit, please submit details of your proposed business to:

Órla Lannin, The English Market, Cork, or by email to:

Your details will be retained for information purposes only.  Please note that Cork City Council has strict criteria with regard to the quality and type of food products sold and the approval of Cork City Council will be required for any change of use of a stall.

Cork City Council's policies are outlined at:


Alterations to Stalls