Visiting the Market

The English Market is, above all else, a place of Commerce and Trade.

For centuries, the production, preparation, processing and transportation and sale of the products available in the Market has provided a livelihood for thousands of Cork’s citizens.  This is as true today as ever before, and it is in this context that the attraction of the English Market for tourists and visitors needs to be managed by the Municipal Authorities and the Market Management.

For years, the reputatation and history of the Market has attracted thousands of visitors.  Heads of State have taken their place among the broad range of celebrities, dignitaries, and everyday toursts who have visited the English Market as one of the City’s unique attractions.

To properly savour the experience of visiting the English Market, visitors need to have the space and time to walk it’s aisles, to view the stalls and to sit, sip a coffee, and enjoy the unique trading experience of the Market that has survived since the 18th Century.

To ensure that tourists and casual visitors to the English Market can get the maximum from their visit, tour groups are encouraged to come outside of peak trading hours.  In general, the busier trading hours of 11.00 am – 4.30 pm daily should be avoided (Friday and Saturday can be particularly hectic).

Please note that public toilet facilities are limited in the Market, with one public toilet located on the ground floor near the fish aisle.  Also, please note that the aisles are narrow and space is required for circulation and for customers to be served at the stall counters, and therefore Groups are asked to not travel in large groups through the Market during their visit,  or to obstruct the aisles or circulation areas on their visit, as it may obstruct other customers and traders in their daily business.

The continuation of successful trading is essential to ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy the experience that is the English Market.  So visitors are requested to be respectful of the trading that needs to happen on a daily basis.  It is very much the privilege of the traders to play their part in having visitors enjoy the experience of their visit!  And in visiting the English Market you can help them to do so.