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Tripadvisor: Cork City's "English Market"

"The English Market" in Cork City is an amazing shopping destination and, even more, an interesting cultural destination, just off the main shopping streets of central Cork City.

In this large building you will find a concentration of food vendors, each in their own serving stall---selling both local and imported foods. Just a walk through the building is practically an overload of your senses as you see and smell the fresh fruits and vegetables, stunning bakery, sides of beef on a hook, stacks of poultry, crocks of olives, fresh eggs in high piles, and the delightful people selling their products.

Buy anything from a "carry out" meal or a week of groceries, but consider spending a little more time to add the sense of taste to your visit from one floor above at  the "Farmgate Restaurant" which has an open balcony area that will let you continue soaking up the views and atmosphere as well.  The restaurant has excellent entrees, desserts, and drink. Come at typical lunch and dinner times and you might also enjoy a piano accompanying your meal.

"The English Market" is a pleasant opportunity to combine shopping, dining, and a cultural experience all in one.