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Fruit Boost

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Fresh Juice and Smoothie Bar

Key Information:
Trading Hours:  9:00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
Contact Name:  Edward Vaughan and Bill Twomey
Contact Address:  Unit 14, Grand Parade Market, Cork

Fruit Boost

All Fruit Boost juices and smoothies are juiced and blended fresh, giving optimum vitamin and nutritional content.  All smoothies contain low fat pro-biotic yogurt.

Fruit Boost began trading in June 2004 and was the first juice bar to open in Cork.  Fruit Boost has a no-concentrate policy, explaining the wide array of fruit in the unit.  Fruit Boost juicer and smoothies are delicious, fresh and packed full of nutrients.  A high percentage of the nutrients of fruit and vegetables is decreased dramatically over time which is why Fruit Boost juices and smoothies are made from fresh fruit and vegetables at the time of order.

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