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Kathleen Noonan

Specialists In:
Quality Pigs Meat

Key Information:
Trading Hours:  9.30am to 5.30pm
Contact Name:  Pauline Mulcahy
Address:  Unit 21, Grand Parade Market, Cork                  
Contact No:  087 2971895

Kathleen Noonan

This stall is in the Noonan family for 54 years. 

We sell the best quality pigs meat.  Pigs Tails, Pigs Feet (crúbeens), spare ribs, bodice offal, loins, skirts, kidneys, pigs head, pork and ham hocks, pork steak, bacon, ham, rashers, sausages, puddings. We get fresh meat delivered daily.  We sell meat from the pigs head to its feet.

Every part of the pig is sold except for its squeal!