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Prime Locally produced Beef, Lamb & Pork.  Our own cure Ham and bacon.  Wide Variety of Specialist Continental & French Cuts of Beef & Lamb.

Key Information:
Trading Hours:  9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
Contact Name:  Eoin O’Mahony
Address: Unit 37, Grand Parade Market, Cork
Contact No: 021 4270254

Edward O'Mahony


All products are from County Cork. 

We sell our own cure Hams, Sausages and Bacon and locally produced Beef and Lamb from our family farm. 

Eoins Recipe for Tasty Spice Beef:-

“First you have to corn the beef – salt it in brine.

Then it goes into wet spice barrels with brown sugar, pimento, ground cloves and juniper berries (I add in a few other things that I’m not going to disclose!) for one week.
Once the spice has permeated the whole way through, the beef goes a kind of purple colour.  Then it’s rolled in dry spice, a dry mix of the wet spice, then it’s matured for about a week. 
You need sodium nitrate or saltpetre for the brine – that’s what gives it its colour.  If you don’t have that it goes kind of grey”.

Eoin O'Mahony